About Us


The Brockley Zen Group started sitting zazen together in XXXX.

Some members have been practicing zazen for many years, while others are completely new to the practice.

For those wishing to start or deepen their practice in a welcoming and inclusive environment, we encourage you to join us.

We practice 'shikantaza' , the heart of zazen, as taught in the Soto Zen lineage by Master Dogen in 13th century Japan.

Shikantaza means 'simply sitting'. In this practice, we sit with an upright posture, facing the wall, not fixating our minds on anything in particular - just letting all thoughts and sensations come and go, without judgement.

We currently practice Mondays 7-8am and Tuesdays 7.30-8.30pm at St Hilda's Church, Crofton Park. This involves zazen (sitting meditation) and kinhin (walking meditation), as well as a short ceremony with chanting.
Newcomers should come on Tuesdays half an hour early to be shown the correct posture and protocols of the dojo ("place of the Way"); please email brockleyzen@gmail.com to let us know you are coming. To cover the cost of hiring the hall, we would appreciate a donation of £6 (or £4 concession). Mats and cushions are provided.